Limit the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols


We propose to prohibit the wearing of overt and conspicuous religious symbols by state personnel in carrying out their duties. This restriction would reflect the state’s neutrality. The employees in question would be :

  • personnel in ministries and organizations ;
  • state personnel with power to impose sanctions (judges named by Québec, prosecutors, police officers, and correctional agents) ;
  • daycare (CPE) and private subsidized daycare personnel ;
  • school board personnel, including those in public elementary and high schools ;
  • cégep and university personnel ;
  • public health network and social services personnel ;
  • municipal personnel.

However, in the case of cégeps, universities, public health and social services institutions, and municipalities, the board of directors or municipal council could adopt a resolution allowing its personnel to wear such religious symbols. This authorization would be valid for a period up to five years and renewable. It would not apply to the obligation of having one’s face uncovered, which is set forth in Proposal 4.


Exemples de signes non ostentatoires qui seraient permis au personnel de l’État.

Une petite boucle d'oreille Une petite croix autour du cou Une petite bague autour du doigt

Exemples de signes ostentatoires qui ne seraient pas permis au personnel de l’État.

Une grosse croix autour du cou Un voile/Hijab Un turban Un vêtement recouvrant l'ensemble du visage sauf les yeux Une Kippah.